Tax Relief on NEU/NUT Subscriptions

You can claim tax relief on the last four years membership subscriptions.

1: you should only claim for years when you were a member of the NEU/NUT

2: you can only claim for a maximum of 4 previous years.

3: if you don't pay the full time sub you would have to claim for the proper part time rate. (usually 50%)

4. include your National Insurance number in any correspondence

5. The tax office for all Islington teachers is: Inland Revenue, North East Metropolitan Area, 119 Grange Rd, Middlesborough, Cleveland TS1 2XA

Model Letter:

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I wish to claim tax relief for my subscription to the National Education Union/National Union of Teachers as a recognised professional body. Could you please change my tax code to give me tax relief on this year's subscriptions.  

 Could you also please give me a rebate for unclaimed relief for the previous ___ years for the subscriptions as shown below:


Subscription rates:

You can claim for both local and national subs. But if you were a member of another branch of the union the local fee would be different. If you don't know what the local fee was then just claim for the national sub which are the second set of  figures


Note: use these if you've been in Islington during these year 

            2016     £194.00

            2017     £196.00

            2018    £198.00

           2019 (Jan - Aug)      £136.10

           2019/20  (Sept - Aug)   £207.19

           2020/21    £212.89



Note: use these for years when you worked outside of Islington and do not know what the relevant local fee was

            2016    £175.00

            2017    £177.00

           2018    £179.00

          2019  (Jan - Aug)   £122.61

          2019/20  (Sept - Aug)   £186.66

         2020/21    £191.79

After a few weeks you should receive a slightly increased tax code which gives you the allowance for this year, and eventually you should get a rebate cheque for the previous years.  Sometimes they give the refund by adjusting the tax code - it works out the same but it is not as gratifying as a cheque through the post.


Let us know how you get on !