Emma Bishton

posted 26 Jan 2014, 00:31 by general office

I’ve received an email from the Suffolk People’s Assembly about the fight for union recognition at STEM 6 Academy and the steps teachers have had to go to in response, and just wanted to email with my support. 

The situation the teachers are placed in at STEM 6 Academy demonstrates clearly one of the principal risks to teachers posed by the  fragmentation of the education system. It also demonstrates a failure to understand that staff who are qualified, supported and valued  in any work environment will make more effective employees - i.e. that there is a relationship between the working culture of the school and the success of its pupils.  I’ve campaigned against free schools here in Suffolk, and although staff and union issues were not significant issues here, this is another reason, for me, why free schools are not the answer to improving educational outcomes. 

I sincerely hope that the issues you are facing are swiftly resolved. I’d like to say good luck, but you shouldn’t need luck in this situation  - you should just be being treated fairly.