Pensions Ballot

In the next few days members of the NUT and ATL will receive a ballot paper for strike action to defend pensions.  

 We strongly urge you to vote YES in the ballot.

 It is very important that everyone who is eligible to vote does so. Every vote is important as the Government will try to discredit the result if the turnout is low.

 The decision to ballot was made in partnership with the ATL. If strike action becomes necessary, is also likely to be supported by UCU, representing teachers in higher education, who already have successfully balloted members. Other public sector unions like PCS are also likely to join any strike.

Unions representing 600,000 UK teachers are united in their determination to resist the unfair and unjustified attack on pensions.

The decision to ballot for action has not been taken lightly and you can find out more about the Union’s reasons for the ballot by clicking here

Many teachers will lose over £200,000 and the younger you are, the more you will lose.  

 Teachers will have to pay more, in monthly contributions, work longer (many to 68) and will get less.

 Find out how much you will lose using the NUT Pensions Calculator