General Meeting 8th May 2018

posted 15 May 2018, 03:25 by NEU Secretary   [ updated 15 May 2018, 03:26 ]

Nominations for NEU National Treasurer.

Alex Kenny 

Nominations for national NEU Membership and Equalities officer.

Louise Regan




A)     Mobilisation Against the Democratic Football Lads Alliance


Islington NEU (NUT Section) fully supports the mobilisation called by Stand up to Racism against the DFLA in London on Sunday 6th May and the one planned for Manchester on Saturday 19th May. We agree to donate £100 to STUR to help pay for the publicity and organisation of these mobilisations.

Further, we welcome the National Union’s statement in support of the victims of the racist Windrush scandal and demand that all those involved are suitably compensated. We welcome the resignation of Amber Rudd , but recognise that she was implementing the ‘hostile environment’ for immigrants establish by her predecessor Theresa May.

We believe that within this context of institutionalised racism the invitation to Donald Trump in July is a further provocation and we agree to support the mobilisations against his visit organised by ‘Together Against Trump’.

           B) Dates for Conference 2019

Islington NEU (NUT Section)  is dismayed that conference 2019 has been booked for Monday to Thursday 15th to 19th April. Whilst this falls in the Easter holiday for Islington schools we believe that it is term time for activists from a significant number of Divisions. These dates will mean many delegates and key activists would be unable to attend next year. Choosing term-time working days, especially those so close to SATs and exams, would hit at the heart of the lay-led nature and ethos of our union. It will impact particularly severely on members with families and supply teachers. Women delegates are likely to be disadvantaged disproportionately.

The decision has been made with no consultation directly with Divisions. It appears that communication was so poor about the implications of this, that many NEC members were also unaware. We have heard that, when planning this, a false assumption may have been made that all schools would be on holiday.

We understand that changing the dates now will be difficult and will come with some costs. However we believe that changes must be made to allow all possible activists to attend.

We request that the Joint Executive Council:

1. Cancels arrangements made for 15th to 19th April.

2. Consults Divisions and Associations on suitable alternative dates reminding them of the various national term time dates and urging them to avoid suggesting dates that may be problematic to others.

3. Publishes the results of this consultation.

4. Chooses and books dates which fit with the consultation outcome

      C) Reproductive Rights

 ITA sends a message of solidarity to the Together for Yes campaign in the Republic of Ireland, the Northern Irish Alliance for Choice and the London Irish Abortion Rights Campaign in recognition of their campaigning for women's reproductive rights.