General Meeting 30/06/2010

posted 8 Jul 2010, 07:48 by general office   [ updated 12 Jul 2010, 10:12 by Unknown user ]

Motion on ConDem cuts and ITA affiliation to the Right to Work campaign

1)    Islington Teachers Association rejects the austerity policy of David Cameron’s government.

2) An increase of VAT to 20 percent, a three year freeze of Child Benefits, a public sector pay freeze and an increase in the retirement age to 66 represents a full scale assault on the living standards of working people.

3) We note that George Osborne has pledged to slash 25% from the budgets of all government departments in his autumn spending review

4) Working people are being asked to pay for a crisis we did not cause.

5)     We declare our solidarity with those fighting similar measures in Greece and elsewhere in Europe.

6)     Accordingly we agree to support, sponsor and build the demonstration outside the Tory Party annual conference in Birmingham on Sunday 3 October.

7)     We instruct the Committee to make a donation of £100 towards the cost of an Islington coach to Birmingham on 3 October.

8)     We welcome NUT national conference's decision to affiliate to the Right to Work campaign and agree to reaffiliate as a branch.

9)  We call on the NUT to organise national action against the cuts and in particular to seek agreement with other public and private sector unions for joint industrial actionto defend and extend existing pension provision.


4.       Academies.

To donate £1,000 to the Anti Academies Alliance. To campaign to keep schools within the LA and to approach NAHT to come to an agreed position on academies and to organise a public meeting in September/October.