General Meeting 28th February 2013

posted 2 Mar 2013, 09:34 by general office

1.       Teachers Support Network. The meeting was addressed by Anna Marie Mullen of the TSN. Agreed that ITA donates £500 to TSN. 

 2.       Matchwomen’s  Strike Commemoration. 

This UGM notes that 2013 will see the 125th anniversary of the successful Matchwomen’s Strike in the Bryant and May factory in East London in 1888.This strike was pivotal in spreading the trade union idea among low-paid, low skilled workers, especially women, not just locally but nationally. Today it is again necessary to spread the message about the important of unions.To mark this anniversary, a free day-long festival, with speakers and performers, is being organised by trade unionists on July 6th 2013 at the Bishopsgate Institute. The organisers are seeking sponsorship and donations towards the costs of this event.This UGM agrees to sponsor the event, donate £200 towards it, and encourage our members to attend

 3.       Amendments to national Conference motions.

 Amendment to motion 34 on Ofsted and Teacher Professionalism:

 After Conference notes:

Add new point 4:

There are indications that teachers are leaving the profession, and that recruitment of new teachers is slowing down. The inevitable result will be a teacher shortage, which will have a profoundly negative effect on the children we teach.

 Add new 4th paragraph :

Extensive research shows that performance related pay is ineffective in improving ‘performance’, and is indeed is likely to have a negative effect. Further, it fails to acknowledge the collegiate nature of our work.

 After Conference calls on the Executive:

Add new iv:

iv) to consider how a boycott of Ofsted could be incorporated into our action on workload


Amendment to motion 15 on Government Attacks on workers' Rights

 Add immediately before Conference congratulates:

Conference also recognises that throughout history unjust laws have had to be defied and broken in order to bring about change.

 Add new point v) to Conference calls on the executive to:

v) Recognise and make clear to members that there may be occasions on which trade unionists have no choice but to break the anti-union laws if they are to exercise their fundamental right to take collective action to protect their interests and those of the children they teach.