General Meeting 26th September 2012

posted 30 Sept 2012, 04:14 by general office

 Motion on Pensions, Pay and Workload

ITA welcomes the overwhelming vote in the NUT ballot for action on workload and pay, to add to the existing NUT ballot for action in defence of our pensions, which mirrors the NASUWT votes over the same issues. Together these votes give both unions a clear mandate to defend teachers and education from the assault on all fronts we face from the Coalition government.

We welcome the joint statement by the NUT and NASUWT calling for non-strike action in all schools over workload as part of this battle, but we are worried that the statement contained no clear indication of a plan to move to national strike action.

We pledge ourselves to seek to coordinate the non strike sanctions and any local strikes with the widest layer of schools possible.

But we believe however that if we want to beat the government national strike action is by far our strongest weapon and is absolutely necessary.

We need the national strikes to start this term. With the NASUWT and NUT together if we possibly can, but with whichever unions are willing to strike if necessary).

We therefore call on both the NUT and NASUWT executives to pursue discussions with all these unions and agree dates for such national strike action starting this term at their next meetings in early October


Motion on resisting austerity.

 Teachers Association (NUT):

1.       Welcomes the TUC’s ‘March for a future that works’ and pledges to build the 20 October demonstration.

2.       Supports the call by the NUT and other unions for further united strike action in the autumn against the Tory government’s austerity plans. We believe any such strikes should be only the start of a campaign and that further action will be required.

3.       Welcomes the decision of the TUC Congress to support a motion to consider a general strike against austerity.

4.       Calls on the TUC to name the day as soon after the 20 October as possible.

5.       Believes we need to unite all those resisting the cuts – trade unions, unemployed people, students and campaigning groups.

6.       Resolves to support the Unite the Resistance conference on Saturday 17 November and donate £50 towards the cost of organising the event



Motion on London Met.

Islington Teachers Association condemns the decision of the UKBA to revoke London Metropolitan University’s license to recruit international students and deplores the impact this decision, if allowed to stand, will have on over 2,500 students who will be left without a place. We congratulate student and staff at London Met for the inspiring campaign they have fought in support of the students under threat and on their success in securing a  High Court decision which gives existing students the right to remain. We agree to support in any way we can future campaigning activities organised by London Met students and staff around this important issue.