General Meeting 24th June 2015

posted 2 Jul 2015, 02:56 by general office   [ updated 2 Jul 2015, 02:56 ]

1.  Emergency motion on Venezuela.

Islington ITA calls on our Action and Coordinating Group to agree to take a 1/8 page advert (for £110) with the slogan "If Venezuela can build a million houses, why can't we?" in the autumn edition of Viva Venezuela, which will be distributed at the TUC and Labour Party conferences.  

2. Mary Wollstonecraft Statue

ITA supports the campaign to put a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft on Newington Green, London. The Mary on the Green campaign is part of Newington Green Action Group. Mary Wollstonecraft has no significant memorial to her anywhere. She advocated votes for women 100 years before the suffragettes. She was an educational pioneer and the first woman to publicly  argue for education for girls. Aged 24, she set up a girls' school in Newington Green. After publishing books on girls' education and civil rights, she wrote 'A Vindication of the Rights of Woman' (1792) demanding 'Justice for one half of the human race'. She is now known as the 'Mother of Feminism'. She was a radical thinker who debated with Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin. One of the first female war correspondents and travel writers, she had a commitment to broader human rights and opposed the slave trade. She is the originator of the campaign for equality of access to education and the right to schooling. The Association agrees to give £100 to Mary on the Green. 

3. Voting Age. 

Islington NUT welcomes the call from the SNP and the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party for EU citizens resident in the UK and 16 and 17 year olds to have a vote in the forthcoming EU referendum.

4. Climate Change. 

ITA recognises the importance of the campaign to combat climate change and in particular to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emissions in order to keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

In order for the NUT to become involved with the campaign this Association urges the National Executive to:

1.      Support and promote the demonstrations in Britain called on the weekend of November 28th/29th in London and Cardiff to coincide with the UN Climate Summit (COP21)

2.      discuss with the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group the possibility of organising a conference for trade unionists on the theme of campaigning against climate change in 2016.

5. Organising to resist

This branch notes:

1.   The election of a majority Tory government in May this year. 

2.      The Tories plan a further £12 billion worth of welfare cuts plus continued attacks on health, education and public services.

3.      That the Tory Trade Union Bill as outlined in the Queens Speech will create massive hurdles for public sector workers before they can call a strike. More than 50% of a unions members must vote in order for the ballot to be valid and at least 40% of those entitled to strike must be in favour of the strike.

4.      The Tories would not have been elected if this criteria were applied.

5.      The need for workers, campaigners and activists to come together to debate and discuss how we organise resistance to the Tories.

6.      The rejuvenation of debate in the Labour Party on resistance to austerity, as a result of Jeremy Corbyn making it onto the ballot for leader.

7.      The GLATUC Resisting Austerity Conference for Trade Unionists, Councillors and activists in Islington Town Hall on July 4th

8.      The Marxism 2015 festival, held in central London from 9th – 13th July  which will bring together 3,000 trade unionists, activists and workers from across the world to take part in over 150 meetings and workshops, to discuss and debate the political situation we face, and how best to organise and resist.

9.      Speakers so far confirmed include Liz Lawrence, Darcus Howe, Peter Hain, Zoe Williams,  Alex Callinicos, Ghada Karmi,  Judith Orr, Gilbert Achcar, Stathis Kouvelakis, Richard Boyd Barrett, Ian Hodson, Ronnie Kasrils, Gus John, Richard House, Maz Saleem, Weyman Bennett, Jacky Davis, Gareth Peirce, Michael Roberts, Allyson Pollock and Alan Gibbons.

10.  The Ways to Change the World Conference organised by Counterfire in central London on June 27/28 an event with music, arts and the spoken word with participants including David Harvey, Lindsey German, Tariq Ali, Owen Jones, John Rees, Francesca Martinez, Danny Dorling, Jeremy Corbyn, Clare Solomon, Kate Hudson, Chris Nineham, Ava Vidal, Katherine Connelly, James Meadway, Sam Fairbairn.


This branch resolves:


  1. To pay delegation fees for up to five delegates to each of these conferences if members wish to attend and inform members by email that they can apply (with links to the appropriate web pages).
  2. To alert members to the fact that they can take part in the election for Labour leader by registering as a Party supporter (for £3) so long as they are not an active member of another organisation.