General Meeting 22nd September 2016

posted 26 Sept 2016, 04:44 by general office

  London Recruits 

ITA notes that a film is now being planned telling the story of the London Recruits. These were brave women and men who risked their lives in solidarity with the liberation struggle. Many were trade unionists, including members of the NUT.

At a time when ANC membership was banned, its activists executed or imprisoned, people travelled to South Africa disguised as honeymooning couples, tourists and business trippers to carry out clandestine missions.

From 1969, under the noses of the police, the recruits unfurled banners from landmarks, exploded home-made leaflet bombs at packed train stations and played rousing speeches to crowds from improvised sound systems, signaling to thousands of Africans living under the regime that the struggle for freedom was very much alive.

ITA agrees to donate £100 towards the making of the film so that now, nearly 50 years on, the legacy of their work can be celebrated on film.

Political Events   


Islington NUT resolves:

1.    To support the “unwelcome the Tories” protest called by the People’s Assembly at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham on Sunday 2 October and contribute £100 to the cost of hiring a coach from Islington to the demonstration and pay for coach tickets for those who wish to attend.

2.    To support and send up to six delegates to the Stand up to Racism national conference on 8 October which will be addressed by Jeremy Corbyn and our General Secretary, Kevin Courtney, among other speakers.

3.    To support and send up to six delegates to Unite the Resistance’s Organising to Win :Rebuilding Our Unions, Fighting Austerity conference on Saturday 12 November.


Marx Memorial Library   

ITA notes:

·         That the Marx Memorial Library has been a home for radical thought and activity since 1933

·         That it holds very valuable historical archives and collections, including material about the Spanish Civil War unavailable anywhere else

·         That the Library relies entirely on personal and organisational donations from individuals and groups, mainly trade unions

We believe;

·         That it is crucial to have spaces such as the Library where working people can discover their history and organise present struggles

·         That actively involving ourselves in the work and activity of the Library will be mutually beneficial and will help to link up our battles with those of others.


ITA therefore resolves;

·         To affiliate to the Library at a cost of £25.00 per year

·         To make a one off donation of £50

·         To circulate to our members information about the Library and it's programme of events and activities


 Cable Street 80 


ITA notes that October 2016 will mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street when the people of East London won a crucial victory over Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. Trade unionists played a significant role in the Battle on that day and continue to play a key role in the urgent fight against fascism and all forms of racism today. The Cable Street 80 committee have called on trade unionists to support a march and rally in East London on Sunday October 9th. This event will honour the victory in 1936, and express our commitment to combating those who emulate Mosley’s movement today.

ITA agrees to support this march and rally by urging our members to join this march, and by donating £100 towards the costs of the event.


NUT campaign on funding and the White Paper 

ITA notes that the threat posed to our pay and conditions has not been diminished by the change of Prime Minister and Education Secretary. In fact we believe that with the possible reintroduction of grammar schools they are in even more danger.

We further note that the strike action taken by Islington members in July led to the full closure of 31 schools, with 14 others being closed to more than 50% of pupils. This strike action was taken by members with the clear message that it was not to be a one day protest and that it would be followed by further action in the autumn term.

We are therefore disappointed to hear that the National Executive has not named any dates for strike action so far this term. Whilst we recognise that we have not as yet got agreement from other educational unions to join us we believe that it is vital that we build on the strike action taken in July if we are to defend our pay and conditions of service, even if this means acting alone.

                  We believe

that although the government is in disarray after the EU referendum, in education as well as broader policy, they are

·   certain to press ahead with funding reductions, especially for urban schools

·   trying to stick to the assessment system that was such a mess this year

that our past strikes and broader campaigning have been instrumental in recent government retreats

·  the STPCD decision not to make it possible to move teachers back down the pay scale

·  the partial climb down on forced academisation

that the government's proposal to re-establish selection at 11

·  is a massive own goal on their part

·  will enable us to build a very broad united front to mobilise opposition in our communities and defeat it in Parliament

that for our campaigns on these matters to have the maximum impact we need

·  the strongest possible grassroots action in all our schools, not only mobilising members but also TAs and their unions along with parents and the wider community

·  to link up with others taking action on the same issues, like the NAHT on assessment, or similar issues, like the Junior Doctors on cuts and enforced changes in contract.

·  to take full advantage of the willingness of the new Labour leadership and front bench to support us unambiguously

We therefore resolve

1.      to produce a leaflet for parents making our case in sharp, clear language.

2.      to organise as many school based union group meetings as we can this term so that members are fully up to speed and prepared to campaign.

3.      to support school union groups that feel confident enough to organise meetings for parents so we can build supportive parent networks.

4.      to ask Islington North and South Labour Parties to take a speaker from the NUT on our campaigns this term.

5.      to organise three successive street stalls this term: on grammar schools, assessment and (once the proposal is clear) funding.

6.      to campaign for the maximum support and turn out for the Assessment Conference in December and the strongest possible turn out in the indicative ballot this term.