General Meeting 22nd January 2015

posted 26 Jan 2015, 02:34 by general office   [ updated 14 Feb 2015, 03:36 ]

 Prioritisation of Conference Motions

The following motions were prioritised.

Motion 11 - Social Movement Trade Unionism

Motion 33 - Our Vision of Primary Education

Motion 41 - Resisting the Germ

 Motion 51 - Racism and immigration

 Motion 55 - Women in the Union

Motion 69 - Teachers' Pensions-Continuing the Campaign.

The meeting decided it was inappropriate to vote on  which of the motions from the three equality sections of the union should be taken first. 

Motion on Supply Teachers

ITA fully endorses the following Early Day Motion (648) regarding  the Employment of Supply Teachers. We congratulate Jeremy Corbyn MP for sponsoring the motion in parliament and call on members in other constituencies to ask their MP's if they are willing to support it.

That this House recognises that properly qualified supply teachers are an essential resource for schools which wish to deliver the same quality learning experience for pupils when a class's regular teacher is absent; notes that supply teachers are increasingly employed by agencies which siphon off significant amounts of public funding for education into their profits; is concerned that agencies are unable to offer supply teachers membership of the Teachers' Pension Scheme and are driving down their pay, with a recent survey by the National Union of Teachers finding that 40 per cent of supply teachers are getting lower, or significantly lower, pay than three years ago; further notes the uncertainty and disquiet about umbrella companies which increasingly employ supply teachers; and calls on the Government to encourage schools to employ supply teachers directly or through the local authority, rather than using agencies, to ensure supply teachers are paid fairly and have access to pension rights on an equal basis to other teachers.

Motion on the horrific killings in France and Islamophobia

ITA endorses the statement below from Islington UAF (Unite Against Fascism) on the horrific recent killings in Paris.


 We share the revulsion of the vast majority of people at the horrific killings that have recently taken place in Paris. We reject the attempt by those responsible to justify the killings on political grounds, there can be no justification for these murders.

However we believe that the death and destruction visited on Muslim communities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza over the past years has created fertile ground for the growth of the ideas that underlie these killings. The deliberate scapegoating of Muslim communities across Europe in an attempt to justify unlawful invasion, unlawful imprisonment and torture has added to this volatile situation.

We are also very concerned at attempts by racists and the hard right to cynically use the tragedy in Paris to further fuel Islamophobia. Attempts by Rupert Murdoch, Marine Le Pen-leader of the Nazi Front National in France and Nigel Farage in Britain to blame all Muslims for these attacks must be rejected as cynical and dangerous opportunism.

 We stand alongside all who are horrified by the killings in Paris including the vast majority of the Muslim community here and throughout Europe. We entirely oppose any attempt to place blame on the Muslim community as a whole for this outrage.

 We are particularly concerned that the significant Muslim community in Islington and the surrounding area who worship at Finsbury Park Mosque are not targeted for blame. We feel that the mosque may be targeted because of its past association with radical preacher Abu Hamza. The Finsbury Park Mosque has been under new leadership for a number of years and has worked hard to distance itself from Hamza’s views. Under its current leadership the mosque has become an important and valuable part of the local community, working with other faith groups, trade unions and community organisations to promote community cohesion.

 We urge all in Islington and the surrounding area to join us in promoting community cohesion and opposing any attempt to use the dreadful events in Paris to whip up Islamophobia against Finsbury Park Mosque in particular and the Muslim community in general.

We also agree to:

1. Support the Stand Up to Racism Demonstration on March 21st and seek to mobilise the maximum number of Islington teachers to take part

2. Support the lobby of the Spring Conference of UKIP on Feb 28th in Margate and asks the officers and committee to consider ways of contributing to the cost of a coach for North London trade unionists and anti-racists.