General Meeting 21st January 2016

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2.     Nomination and Election of ITA delegates and observers to National Conference  

5 nominations had been received for Conference delegates so the following were elected unopposed. Paul Atkin, Tony Buttifint, Dave Gilchrist, Ceinwen Hilton and Ken Muller.

There still existed 1 vacancy for a delegate and 2 for observers so nominations for these were sought at the meeting.

Michael Shepherd was nominated for delegate. Cat Tookey and Pippa Dowswell were nominated for observers. All three were elected.

3.     Prioritisation of Motions for National Conference

The meeting agreed to prioritise motions

1. Supply Teachers

16. Climate Change

34. Prevent Strategy

42. Sixth Form College Funding

58 The European Union

75. Fair Pay

4.     Motions - The meeting agreed to take emergency motions on (i) Simon O’Hara (ii) Funding Cuts (iii) TUC Week of Action against the Trade Union Bill

A) Motion on Simon O’Hara

ITA agrees to send a message of solidarity offering its full support to the members at Small Heath School, Birmingham in their fight to get the NUT rep Simon O’Hara reinstated.

We believe that Simon’s suspension is an act of trade union victimisation as a result of the leading role he has played on behalf of NUT members in the campaign against academisation and in challenging unreasonable management led initiatives.

B) Motion on the TUC week of Action Against the Trade Union Bill

ITA notes that the TUC is running a special week of action against the trade union bill in England and Wales from 8th to 14th February.

With this government determined to shift the balance of power in the workplace in favour of employers and attempting to get the Trade Union Bill through Parliament with as little scrutiny as possible it is vital that we keep the bill in the public eye and to remind people why unions are so important.

ITA agrees to promote and encourage members to take part in the following events:

1)     At 12.45pm on Tuesday 9 February, the TUC will be running ‘The Big Workplace Meeting’. The TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady and some very special guests will be broadcasting a short Q&A live into workplace meetings around the country. We encourage schools to organize union meetings in their schools to coincide with this presentation  which can be found by going to The event will last for 15 minutes.

2)     On Thursday 11 February the TUC is asking every trade union member to do something to make trade unions visible and proud in their community. (Suggestions can be found at )

3)     Try to recruit at least one other person to join a union – because together, we are stronger.

C) Motion on funding cuts


1. The government are raiding our school budgets


This association notes:


a) that the combination of a “cash-freeze”, and the cut to sixth form funding are already squeezing school budgets across the country;


b) that the government’s proposals for a new National Funding Formula will have the effect of taking money from school budgets in London and redistributing elsewhere.


c) that the new funding system announced by the government will take nearly 13% from local school budgets over the next five years.


We believe that these cuts will have serious effect on education in our local schools.


We note that whilst some areas of the country desperately need more money for education that this should not be done at the expense of other places.


We note that London schools have been well funded because our children need it and the extra money has been spent on supporting the children who need it most.  As consequence education in London has been a great success.


We call on all heads, governors, school staff and councillors to come together in a campaign to fight these cuts and to defend education


This association  resolves to:

i) make it a priority to build a broad-based local campaign against these cuts and to use the NUT’s Manifesto for London’s education in doing this;

ii) encourage school groups to build the campaign amongst parents, governors and the local community;

iii) seek information from headteachers on the likely impact of these cuts to the budget in their school.

iv) support initiatives aimed at building the campaign and challenging the government’s policy such as the meeting on funding called by Catherine West MP and Camden NUT Secretary Andrew Baisley at Room R, Portcullis House at 5.30pm on Wednesday 3rd February

v)  support the London-wide campaign against education cuts, including plans for a demonstration before the mayoral election.

D)    Motion on junior doctors and NHS health care students

  Islington Teachers Association fully supports the strike action currently being taken by junior doctors in defence of their working hours, their pay and the safety of their patients.

We also support the protest action by health care students against plans to replace their bursaries with student loans.

Aneurin Bevan warned: “The NHS will last as longs there are folk left with the faith left to fight for it”.

We recognise that that the doctors and students are fighting not just for themselves but also in defence of our NHS - which Jeremy Hunt and the Tories are intent on dismantling and privatising, if they get their way.

We call on Islington teachers to give maximum support to the strikes and protest by junior doctors and health care students and whatever further action they decide to take.

We agree:

1.       To write to Jeremy Hunt calling on him to stop his attacks on junior doctors and health care students.

2.       To send messages of solidarity to both junior doctors and health care students.

3.       To make a donation of £100 to the junior doctors’ strike hardship fund.


E) Renewal of Trident missile system

Islington NUT recognises that the pending decision to spend upwards of £100 billion on a replacement for the Trident missile system is a grotesque waste of resources and helps make this country a threat to the rest of the world.
We note that this is being taken at the same time that other budgets, from schools to flood defences, to local authorities are being cut and the fabric of our society is deteriorating.
We welcome the opposition to this from Jeremy Corbyn, Plaid Cymru and the SNP.
We recognise that opposition to war (and its costs) is an essential part of support for social justice (at home and abroad).
We support the national demonstration to oppose Trident renewal called by CND and others for 27th February and will encourage as many of our members to attend as possible, and call on the national union to do likewise.
We will circulate a (hard copy) poster for this on the theme, Schools not Trident and organise a contingent on the march.