General Meeting 20th June 2012

posted 21 Jun 2012, 04:33 by general office

Islington Teachers Association:

1) fully supports the decision of its conference delegates to vote in favour of a national strike on pensions in June but regrets that the National Executive has not called such action.

2) welcomes the NUT & NASUWT declaration of intent and believes joint action between the two largest teacher unions on pensions, pay and workload, alongside other unions will greatly enhance our campaigns.We do not however believe that action called by the NUT should be dependent upon an agreement with the NASUWT

3) Resolves to do everything we can to ensure the success of the forthcoming ballot, urging all members to vote in favour of strike and non-strike action.
In particular we agree to:
i) establish a campaign committee to work on the ballot;
ii) maintain regular contact with NUT reps in the run up to the ballot;
iii) organise as many school meetings as we can to put the case to members;
iv) organise mailings and e-mails to update members;
v) seek the support of retired teacher members in contacting members in targeted schools;   promote the “68 is too late” campaign amongst members, other unions and the wider community;   continue to
work with other London associations on campaigning activities across the region.

 4)  Believes that following a successful ballot result that the strike and non strike action should begin as early as possible in the Autumn term and that such action should be organised wirth an intensity and frequency that gives the membership a 'strategy to win'.

5) Notes that ITA members attended the Liverpool conference which brought together activists from many Associations and Divisions to discuss the direction of our pensions and workload campaigns. We agree to continue to support this network and send a delegate to its steering committee

Islington NUT welcomes: 
1) the votes in the French, Greek and Westphalian elections that have begun to break the European governmental consensus in favour of austerity.

2) the slide in the government's support in opinion polls that undermine its standing and authority  the call by the TUC for a mass demonstration in London against austerity on October 20th


(a)    to build this demonstration on the same scale as we would a strike, calling on all our members to take part.

(b) to welcome moves to reconvene the Islington joint unions, IHOOPS and community campaigns planning group – established last year to mobilise support for the 30 November pensions strike - to build for the demonstration.

Islington NUT agrees to donate £100 to the Climate Caravan.

We note the continuing campaign at Downhills Schools to stop forced academy status. We recognise the national significance of the campaign and efforts to bring details of their story to a wider audience through a film documentary and local newspaper.
We therefore agree to make a £500 donation to the documentary maker Rhonda Evans.

We note that this year World Pride Parade Day will be held in London on 7th July. We agree to circulate information to our members and to support the event with our banner.