General Meeting 20/05/10

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Emergency  motion in support of BA cabin crew 

1)     We deplore the anti-union stance taken by BA chief executive, Willie Walsh, who by withdrawing travel schemes for striking staff and dismissing key union reps has ensured a return to strike action by cabin crew.

2)     BA cabin crew face an attack on their pay, conditions of work and pensions which will also affect the safety of passengers. We believe that BA is using this economic recession to blackmail staff into accepting a drastic reduction in living and working conditions.

3)     We deplore the management culture of bullying prevalent at BA and all too many companies and employers.

4)     We declare our full support for the striking cabin crew and ask the Committee to make a donation of £100 to the BASSA section of Unite. We further endorse the decision of ITA Committee to make a previous £100 donation.

5)     We will encourage members to contribute towards collections and solidarity meetings in support of the strike and agree to send a delegation to the cabin crew’s picket lines


Right to Work Conference 

1) ITA  notes with concern the pre-election commitment of the leaders of all threemajor parties that public services will be cut in order to fund the public budget deficit and the commitment of the new Liberal Conservative coalition to start making these cuts this year, which risks tipping the economy straight back in to recession.

2) We deplore the attacks made by David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Lord Adonistogether with the right wing media on those workers trying to defend their rights ,conditions and pay such as the BA cabin crew.

3) We believe that working people should not have to pay for a deficit caused by the last government nationalising the gambling debts run up by the bankers and that we need a government prepared to nationalise the banks themselves to direct investment to key priorities.

4) We also note that cuts are already being implemented in higher education, councilservices, schools and the NHS even before the introduction of any overall austerity package.

5) We deplore the attempts by unelected European Union and International Monetary Fund officials to foist a full blooded austerity package on the people of Greece where pensions and wages are being cut and services slashed, but welcome the resistance being shown by Greek trade unionists, pensioners and students. We note the EU/IMF measures cannot succeed even in their own terms while Greece remains in the Euro; thereby setting the stage for a wider political as well as economic crisis for the EU.

6) We welcome the decision of the Right to Work campaign to hold an emergency post-election conference on Saturday 22 May aimed at uniting workers, students, pensioners and all those rely on public services in building and developing attacks on our services, jobs and living standards. We recognise that effective resistance to austerity will require alliances of mass organisations and that its political expression will cut right through the Labour Party.

7) We also welcome the decision taken at NUT national conference this year to affiliate the union to the Right to Work Campaign

8) ITA agrees similarly to affiliate to the RTWC, to support its conference on 22 May and to send up to six delegates.

9) We agree to sponsor a local anti-cuts public meeting and campaign with the Right to Work Campaign and, if it agrees, Islington Trades Union Council.


“Marxism 2010 – Ideas to Change the World” resolution


This branch notes:


  1. The continuing impact of the global economic crisis, attacks on workers’ jobs, wages and pensions, and the prospect of massive cuts in the future.
  2. That the economic crisis overlaps with and impacts on other global challenges we face, such as the fight against climate change and war.
  3. The need for workers to come together to debate and discuss the crisis, the attacks we face, and how best to defend jobs and conditions.



1.       To set up a page on our website to provide links to discussion forums and blogs on the economic crisis and responses to it and to web pages for conferences like Marxixm 2010 or Progressive London that are for a for exploring these debates

2.       To flag up these pages in our forthcoming bulletins and emails

3.       To support up to six delegates who wish to attend Marxism 2010.