General Meeting 1st March 2018

posted 5 Mar 2018, 07:57 by NEU Secretary

A) UCU Strike Action

Islington NEU (NUT Section) congratulates UCU members on their successful strike ballot in defence of university pensions and further education pay.

We recognise that the strike action is crucial in the defence of publicly provided higher and further education and the conditions of the university and college workers working within it.

  • We agree to send messages of support to the strikers and donate £200 to the UCU strike hardship fund
  • ITA urges all NEU Reps to organise collections in their school
  • ITA urges the national union to make a substantial donation to the UCU to enable them to make adequate strike action pay to their members  


B    B)  Palestine

The crisis in the Palestinian Health system is acute with the blockade of Gaza and severe restrictions in travel to the East Jerusalem Hospital.

This association agrees to sponsor Jane Hartley and donate £200 to Medical Aid for Palestine.

We also agree to circulate the Just Giving page to members and ask the London Region to circulate to branches


B    C)  Planning for  a future that won't cost the Earth

Islington NEU (NUT section) recognises: 

·         the urgency of organising for a just transition to a zero carbon economy

·         that the labour movement will have to take a lead on this


·         the conference on Planning for a Future that won't cost the Earth called by the Campaign Against Climate Change at Hamilton House on March 10th

·         and agrees to finance up to 5 delegate(s) (£10 each to register).