General Meeting 18th January 2012

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Haringey forced academies

ITA agrees to mobilise maximum support for the Haringey demonstration on Saturday 28 January.

 Prioritisation of NUT National Conference motions.

  ITA  prioritises motions 15,17,41,57,61 and 64

 Pensions motion 1

This union meeting notes that the Heads of Agreement “offer” made by the government to teaching unions on December 19th still means that we would have to pay more, work longer and get a smaller pensions.

We note that the government is still intent on:

i)        increasing our pension contributions by 50%;

ii)      raising the retirement age for teachers to 68;

iii)    introducing a pension based on a career average rather than final salary;

iv)    using CPI, rather than RPI, as the index for annual increases in our pensions.

These are the measures against which we took strike action on June 30th and November 30th and for these reasons we believe the NUT was right not to sign up to the Heads of Agreement.

We note that the NASUWT and UCU have also refused to sign up to the Heads of Agreement.

We note that whatever concessions the government has made have only come as a result of our campaign and strike action, but go nowhere near enough to meet our concerns.

We believe that the campaign to defend our pensions must continue and that this should involve further strike action.

We call upon the NUT National Executive to draw up plans for further strike action and to discuss these with other unions who have also refused to sign the Heads of Agreement.

We therefore agree to indicate our support for:

i)                    the decision of the NUT to reject the Heads of Agreement document;


ii)                  further strike action in defence of our pensions.

Pensions Motion 2

 Islington Teachers Association congratulates the NUT Executive, on the pensions campaign so far, especially for the role the NUT played building the united strikes on June 30th and November 30th last year.

We also congratulate all school reps for the role they have played in building the campaign and for making sure that members are kept informed about the Union’s position.

We endorse the union leadership on their decision to reject the government’s latest proposals – which still amount to teachers having to “pay more, work longer and get less”.

We endorse the attempts the Union has made to secure the widest possible agreement with other unions, and teaching unions in particular, in rejecting the government’s proposals and continuing to fight to defend pensions.

We further endorse plans to open a national ballot on action over workload and other key issues, including performance management.

We support the aim of talking to other unions with a view to securing the widest possible agreement on calling further national strike action as soon as possible to defend our pensions.

We believe the Union should be ready to call such strike action alongside other unions willing to do so.

We believe that there is a real urgency in taking such action – as the government’s proposals currently mean teachers will face a pay cut in April, when the first wave of increased pensions contributions is due to be imposed.

We, therefore call on the National Executive to:

i) name a day for a national strike at its meeting on 25th January, and that such action should preferably be before half-term and no later than the end of February;

ii) draw up plans for an escalating programme of action to achieve our pensions objectives, beginning with a further one day strike in March.

Sixth Form Ballot

Islington Teachers Association welcomes the national ballot of NUT
colleagues working in Sixth Form Colleges.

We fully support their demands that funding cuts should be withdrawn
and that employers should honour their commitment to begin closing the
gap in sixth form teachers’ pay relative to that of school teachers.

We recognise that planned 12% cash cuts in entitlement funding over
four years are already resulting in course cuts, job losses, larger
class sizes and increased contact time to the detriment of both
teachers and students.

If sixth form college colleagues vote for action to achieve their
demands, ITA agrees to give them whatever assistance necessary to
ensure that their fully justified campaign is successful.