General Meeting - 23rd January 2018

posted 30 Jan 2018, 05:43 by NEU Secretary

2)      Nominations for National Elections

General Secretary - Kevin Courtney 

Black Executive Constituency Member - Daniel Kebede 

3)      Prioritisation of 2018 Annual Conference Motions

It was proposed and agreed unanimously that we prioritised the 6 motions previously submitted by Islington.

4, 6, 19, 31, 47 and 64


4)      Election of Islington Delegates to Annual Conference 2018

Nominations have been received for  Tony Buttifint and Paddy de Cleir as delegates and Ken Muller as an observer.

Further nominations were sought from the meeting to fill the remaining vacancies – Harry Madgwick-Lawton and Joseph Vincent were agreed.


5)      Motions submitted by members. 


B)     NHS  


Islington NEU notes the serious situation facing the NHS with Ambulances queuing for hours to hand over seriously ill patients, patients being left in corridors waiting for beds, and operations being postponed.

 We believe that these problems are being caused by an under funding ofm the service with cuts, bed closures, pay restraints and privatisation.

 We support the demonstration called by Health Campaigns Together & The People’s Assembly on Saturday 3rd February in central London and agree to support and publicise the demonstration.


          C)     Banning of the hijab

Islington Teachers Association notes:

1.      The announcement by the Chief Inspector of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman, (19 November, 2017) that Ofsted inspectors will question girls wearing the hijab in primary schools.

2.      The campaign by the Sunday Times to ban the wearing of the hijab in primary schools.

3.      The call by the head of governors at St Stephen’s school in the London Borough of Newham, published in the Sunday Times, that the government should override school autonomy in deciding uniform policy on the hijab.

4.      The majority of victims of anti-Muslim hate crime are women and girls, those wearing the hijab, niqab or robe being disproportionately targeted. The majority of perpetrators being white men.


We believe:

1.      The targeting of dress choices by Muslim women and parents is part of a wider demonisation of Muslim communities and is a form of sexist and racial profiling.

2.      Calls to ban girls from wearing the hijab or to question Muslim school girls on their dress can only further fuel Islamophobic abuse and hate crime against Muslim women and girls and fuel bullying, intolerance and division in our schools.

3.      Reducing the hijab to a symbol of sexualisation, fans racist stereotypes. It ignores other interpretations the hijab holds for individuals such as a display of culture, a sign of faith, or a symbol of empowerment and resistance.

4.      There is a real issue of sexualisation and sexual harassment of girls in schools; however, this is unrelated to the hijab as a chosen form of dress.

5.      The issue of fasting should be a matter of sensitive discussion between schools, parents and a child and should not be subject to mandatory rulings.


We  resolve to:

1.      Write to all governing bodies of primary schools in the division requesting:

i.       They assure all parents that there will be no change in school uniform policy relating to the headscarf.

ii.     They write to Ofsted objecting to any proposals involving discriminatory targeting of Muslim girls on the basis of their dress, including bans or questioning of Muslim girls by inspectors.

2.      Publicise as far as possible opposition in the local press and support campaigns in opposition to any proposals to ban the hijab as an option or introduce government enforcement of particular uniform policies on schools.

3.      To seek support from Islington Council for resisting any proposals to ban the wearing of the hijab in schools.