Annual General Meeting 4th March 2015

posted 5 Mar 2015, 09:55 by general office   [ updated 5 Mar 2015, 10:00 ]

1. Election results:

 Joint Secretaries - Tony Buttifint and Ken Muller

Health & Safety Officer  - Paul Atkin

2.. Financial report given and agreed with no matters arising

3. Auditors and scrutineers agreed

4. Rule change motions:

 Motion 1

   Add to rule 6b and 6j "International Solidarity Officer"

 Motion 2

   Rename the General Purposes Committee (referred to in rules 6a, 6e, 6f, 6g, 6h, 6i, 6j, 7b, 7e, 8a, and 17) as the Action and Coordinating Group