Annual General Meeting 29th February 2012

posted 8 Mar 2012, 07:46 by general office   [ updated 21 Jun 2012, 05:31 ]


1.    Election of officers and conference delegates.  It was reported that the following officers and Committee members were elected unopposed for the coming year:



Vice President                    Alasdair Smith

Secretary                             Tom Eastwood

Assistant Secretary            Ken Muller

Treasurer:                           Tony Buttifint

Health and Safety                Paul Atkin

Equal Opps:                        Sarbjit Dhariwal



Ceinwen Hilton

David Rose


 Conference Delegates

Tony Buttifint

Sarbjit Dhariwal

Ken Muller

Alasdair Smith


2.       Treasurer's report. TB presented the report. Report agreed.


3.       Any other business. There was none.