Annual General Meeting 28th February 2013

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      1.       Minutes of last year’s AGM. Accepted as a correct record.

      2.       Election results. The Secretary reported on the results of Officer, Committee and 2013 Conference delegates and observers elections.

      3.       Financial report. Presented by The Treasurer. Accepted. Agreed that two members from EGA schools would continue to act as auditors.

4.       Rule changes. 

A)       Officers and Committee

In Rules  6(b) and 6(j)

(i)                   Rename the Equal opportunities Officer as the Equalities Officer

(ii)                  Add Young Teachers Officer


B)       Elections

Change rule 7(b) to read

Nominations for the Officers as listed in rule 6(b) and the Representatives to the Council of the London (East) Region listed in rule 6(e) and the elected members of the general purposes committee in rule 6(e) as well as the delegates and two observers to Annual Conference shall be made in writing to the secretary and/or by email to the ITA email address enclosing details (Name and Workplace) of the nominee and proposer and shall reach the secretary not later than the required, published date. 

If after the required nomination date there are vacancies for any delegate or observer to Annual conference then these vacancies shall be filled at the next general meeting provided this meeting takes place within the time schedule required for Annual conference as set by the National Union.

C)       Elections

Change Rule 7(e) to read

Any Officer or GPC membership vacancies shall be filled at the next general meeting in line with rules 15 and  8(c)

D)      Finance

In Rule 14. Delete the President as a signatory so now reads

….of the following three Officers – Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary.


E)       Order of Business

Add the election of vacant officer/ committee posts to fixed business and re order the Order of Business as follows:

I.                     Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising from them;

II.                    Matters of emergency

III.                  Discussion of motions of which due notice has been given

IV.                  Fixed business, including election to vacant officer/ committee posts, school reports;

V.                   Reports of officers and committees

VI.                  Correspondence

VII.                Any other business

F)       Order of Business


In rule 15c replace expenditure of Association funds with financial donations/affiliations from the Association

 now reads:

No motion referring to financial donations/affiliations from the Association or affecting the subscription, levy or remuneration of members shall be accepted as an emergency motion.


G)      Standing Orders

Change rule 17 to read

Meetings shall begin at 5.00pm and shall finish by 6.30pm but at 6.20pm all business remaining on the agenda shall be put to the meeting without discussion, except such business as is opposed by either a majority of those present and voting or 10 members, whichever is the smaller. Shall items shall, at the mover’s request, appear on the next agenda.  If opposed business is under discussion at 6.20pm a vote shall be taken immediately, if in the Chairs opinion the matter has been adequately discussed.