20th September 2018

posted 24 Sept 2018, 02:30 by NEU Secretary

2) Nominations for NEU National Executive.

Nomination for Equalities Seat  – LGBT+  Annette Price

Nomination for Sector Seat  – Post 16 Establishment  Jean Evanson


A) Pay

Islington NEU (NUT Section) are frankly appalled that Damian Hinds has ignored the STRBs recommendation that all teacher pay spines should be increased by 3.5%.

This means that a majority of teachers are receiving a real terms pay cut

The STRB has never been generous to teachers and they only made this recommendation because of their serious concerns about teacher recruitment and retention.
We are also appalled that Damian Hinds has not fully funded the pay rise - saying that the first 1% must come from already overstretched budgets.

We demand that Damian Hinds fully implements and fully funds the STRB recommendations as a first step towards putting right the school funding crisis and the teacher recruitment and retention crisis.
To achieve this aim we call on our union to ballot for industrial action this term and that a plan of action is drawn up consisting of a strategy designed to win not simply protest.

In the meantime we call on all Islington schools to implement the current rise for all of their teachers in line with Damian Hinds announcement and ITA agrees to seek support from the  national union (if necessary) for action to support members in any school that does not.
We reject any arguments that the school cannot implement the rise for financial reasons.

We agree to send a copy of  this motion to The NEU Executive and Local MP’’s asking them to raise the issue in Parliament.
We also call on all school NEU groups to meet to discuss this motion and forward copies (if agreed) to their Headteacher, Governors and to notify the local association that they have done so.

B) Transition to Islington NEU


Islington NEU (NUT Section) agrees to adopt the following transitional programme:

1) That the first AGM of the local district will be held on Tuesday 4th December 2018 with the elected officers taking up their role on 1st January 2019 with a term of office until 31st August 2020.

2) That the officer positions will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Health & Safety Officer, Equalities Officer – Black Members, Equalities Officer – LGBT+ Members, Equalities Officer – Disabled Members, Young Teachers Officer, International Solidarity Officer, Post 16 Section Officer, Independent Sector Officer, Support Staff Officer, Press & Publicity Officer and 6 Committee members


3) That the timetable for elections will be as follows:

24th September - calls for nominations

15th October  - Close of nominations

16th October - Committee meeting to make arrangements for ballot if it is necessary

18th October – Withdrawal of nominees

30th October to 23rd November – ballot period


4) Nominations for all officers and committee members shall be made in writing or by email signed or confirmed by the proposer and seconder and endorsed by the nominee and posted to the NEU (NUT Section) office or by email to neu@islingtonteachers.org.uk

5) That in the event of a ballot being required the returning officer and two scrutineers will be agreed at the committee meeting on 16th October. This committee meeting will be open to Islington ATL section members.

6) This motion will be forwarded to NEU (NUT Section) London Regional Office along with a copy of the letter seeking nominations for circulation to Islington NEU (ATL Section) members.


 C) Support national unity demonstration against fascism & racism: Sat 17 November 


Islington NEU  notes


1) The disturbing rise of racist and fascist activity across Europe and the confidence given to the far right globally by the Trump presidency.

2) The coalescing of racist and fascist groupings from the Democratic Football Lads Alliance through to UKIP and the fascists around the ‘Free Tommy Robinson campaign’.

3) The violent 15000 strong far right ‘free speech’ rally on 9 June in central London, the assault on trade unionists following the Stand Up To Racism/Unite Against Fascism counter demo against Robinson’s supporters on 14 July and the fascist attack on the TUC’s official bookshop Bookmarks.

4) The call by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell for a mass movement against the racist and fascist right in the spirit of the Anti-Nazi League.

5) That Boris Johnson’s Islamophobic comments have also added to the confidence of far right.

6) The call by Stand Up To Racism, Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism for a national unity demo against the fascist and racist right on Saturday 17 November.

We believe:

1) That internationally we face the biggest threat from the far right since the 1930s.

2) That we need a mass movement in Britain to halt the growth of the racist and fascist right.

We resolve

1) To support the Stand Up To Racism international conference on Saturday 20 October – building opposition to fascism and racism.

2) To support and publicise the national unity demo in London on 17 November which is supported by Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and a number of key figures from Labour, the trade unions and faith communities.

3) To re-affiliate to Stand Up To Racism and Unite Against Fascism.

4) To donate £200 to Stand Up to Racism as a contribution to organising the Unity demonstration and £100 to Bookmarks as a contribution towards the cost of improving security at the bookshop.

5) To support and publicise the counter demonstration to the Democratic Football Lads alliance on Saturday October 13th.

D) Request for funds: Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


Recently a DWHC campaign succeeded in getting the Whittington Hospital to drop a contact with Ryhurst to manage the Hospital's estate strategy.  Ryhurst (a subsidiary of Rydon, the company responsible for cladding the Grenfell Tower) are now threatening to sue the Whittington for cancelling the contract.  DWHC will be working to publicise this and the failings of the hospital board for getting in to this situation.  The DWHC has fought to defend services and staff conditions at the Whittington and campaigned against sell offs of assets and privatisation of aspects of the hospital and its services. The fight continues to defend this corner of the NHS and we need funds.  


Islington NEU (NUT Section) therefore agrees to make  a donation of £250 to help with the campaign to defend a major healthcare provider in Islington and surrounding boroughs.