13th November 2018

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 Motions for Annual Conference 2019



Conference recognises that the latest UN climate report shows that:

            without more rapid action, there will be at least a 3 degrees temperature rise by 2100.

            1 degree rise above pre-industrial levels has already led to increasing fires, hurricanes, floods and droughts.

            the transition to a zero carbon society to keep below a 1.5 degree increase is the most urgent problem facing humanity and is technically feasible.

            the obstacles are entirely political.

Conference believes that:

            the consequences of a failure to act - or an unjust transition, whereby those with wealth and power dump the costs downwards - will be severe for our members, our communities, the children we teach and - in the worst case - could threaten our survival.

            we therefore have to help lead a Just Transition; shifting energy production, transport, housing and agriculture onto a sustainable basis within the lifetimes of the children currently in our schools; with workers and communities most directly affected not dumped into destitution like the miners, but re-skilled to carry the transition out.

            this needs immediate government investment for a qualitative shift within 12 years.

            including a significant shift in the focus and aims of Education.

            the current government’s market solutions are failing; and leading to the UK missing its targets.

            the Labour Green Transformation plan grasps the scale and speed of the transition required

            but this must be integrated into every level of the National Education Service.

Resolves to approach NUS, UCU, other education unions and interested parties to

            Make a joint approach to the government to press them on plans to carry out their obligation under the Paris Agreement to educate the public about the scale of climate change and the measures needed to deal with it - including through schools curricula - and a recognition that for every school to be zero carbon by 2030, significant investment will be required.

            Make Just Transition a key narrative in our discussions about the NES.

            Hold an Education for a Just Transition conference in the Autumn.



Conference notes that:

i)          successive years of below-inflation pay deals has seen teachers' pay fall in real terms      since 2010;

ii)         the government has missed their teacher recruitment target for six successive years;

iii)         teachers continue to leave the profession in record numbers;

iv)        the teacher vacancy rate continues to increase;

iv)        the relative decline in teachers’ pay is a major factor in the recruitment and retention         problems facing schools;

Conference is appalled that Damian Hinds refused to implement the STRB recommendations for the 2018 pay increase, becoming the first Secretary of State to do so.

Conference welcomes:

i)          the work done by the NEU, in conjunction with NAHT and ASCL to campaign against       this injustice, as part of the campaign on funding;

ii)         the decision to conduct an indicative ballot of members.

Conference believes that the Union must continue to campaign for:

a.    A commitment from government to restore the real value of all teachers’ salaries to what it was in 2010;

b.    The restoration of mandatory pay scales and responsibility payments for all teachers whose employment is publicly funded, including those in academies, free schools and sixth form colleges;

c.    The restoration of national pay bargaining;

d.    An end to the current system of so-called “performance related pay” that has been so arbitrary and so destructive of teacher morale.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive to:

i)          work with other teacher unions with a view submitting a joint pay claim for all school staff;

ii)         ensure that a key demand in such a pay claim is that it is fully funded by the          government;

iii)         develop campaign materials, that link our pay claim to the need for increased school        funding;

iv)        work with local associations and regional offices to monitor LA and MAT pay policies to    ensure that joint union guidance on the 2018 increase is being implemented and       support action where this is not happening;

v)         support the claim by unions representing school support staff and include the need for      school support staff to have a pay increase in our publicity and materials.



Conference notes

·         The ongoing illegal occupation of the West Bank and siege of Gaza which are subjecting the Palestinian people to human rights violations, such as the maltreatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli military court system, injury and death

·         The plight of millions of Palestinian refugees, many of whom are stateless, who are refused a right of return to their homeland

·         The status of Palestinian citizens of Israel who are subject to different treatment by over 20 laws including the recent Nation State Law which excludes them from self-determination and relegates Arabic to a lower status in law

Conference congratulates all those members who have been active over many years in challenging the unjust treatment of the Palestinian people and in demanding and a just and peaceful resolution.

We affirm our ongoing commitment to solidarity with the Palestinian people and pledge to continue our work to build understanding of the situation they face.

Conference instructs the Executive to

·         Develop resources and CPD through our International section and ISO fora to ensure our members are fully informed and supported in their work

·         Continue facilitating delegations to visit Israel and Palestine as long as there is interest from members in taking part

·         Make challenging the detention, arrest and conviction of Palestinian children in Israeli military courts a key campaigning priority in the coming year.

·         Affiliate to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and encourage affiliation by districts/branches and individual members of the Union.



4. Motions submitted by members

A)   Support the Rohingya struggle for human rights

The struggles against racism and for human rights around the world are indivisible.

Islington NEU recognises the continuing plight of the Rohingya communities in Myanmar (Burma) who have been suffering ethnic cleansing and violation of rights at the hands of the Myanmar military for several years, especially in the western Rakhine state.
Islington NEU resolves to support the work of the British Rohingya Community here who are:

•bringing attention to the plight of the Rohingya,
• campaigning for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Myanmar that upholds the rights of the Rohingya people and allows them to live without fear, and obtain basic necessities such  as food, shelter and education
• supports Rohingya refugees who have resettled in Britain.

Islington NEU agrees to give a donation of £200 towards the campaigning work of the British Rohingya Community

B) Just transition

Islington NEU (NUT Section) notes:

·  The NUT section of the NEU was one of the first unions to support the Greener Jobs Alliance statement on Just Transition.

·  The latest Labour statements on Green transformation - to go from 9% to 60% renewable energy in 12 years - and how they will do it give us a challenge to fit our thinking about the National Education Service to these ambitious and essential plans.

We believe

·  The key point in the Green Transformation document is that this transition is not simply the property of the energy sector, but an overarching priority for every aspect of government policy, from the pattern of overseas aid to housing to transport.

·  The scale of it - a sevenfold increase in offshore wind - a doubling of onshore wind - installation of solar panels on 2.5 million homes - a tripling of the UKs PV capacity -insulating every home and public building by 2030 - is both colossal and the least we need to do. 

·  It promises the creation of almost half a million jobs and has massive implications for what the NES will have to be all about. Put simply, without the training for the new skills, these jobs will not be created and the plan will be under fulfilled.

·  The Labour Party will be taking NEU input on their education policy very seriously. We, as a union, therefore have to be as clear as the air we want to breathe that the heart of the NES must be a very thorough programme to give people the skills they will need to do these jobs and the understanding across society as a whole as to the urgency of climate change and why these changes are necessary so there is no possibility of this transition being sabotaged by denial, despair or ignorance when there are difficulties or obstacles.

·  Making the green transformation the heart of the NES gives it a coherent, transcendent and hegemonic mission, a clear story and purpose, that can mobilise a majority of people in active participation in changing their own lives.

We resolve

·  To send this resolution to our executive members and General Secretary to inform discussion.

·  To support the campaign for climate change demonstration on 1st December

C) Islington Stand Up to Racism

Islington NEU (NUT Section) agrees to donate £200 to Islington Stand Up to Racism to support the mobilisation for the November 17th Unity Demonstration.

D) Pedagogy conference

 Islington NEU (NUT section) notes:


1)    that the school’s minister Nick Gibb has publicly stated his support for particular teaching styles, largely based around direct instruction, use of text book only teaching and an adherence to what is termed as a “knowledge” approach to teaching and learning.

2)    That these teaching styles and the “knowledge agenda” are also being promoted by the Parents and Teachers for Excellence as well as leaders of the Academy and Free school movement.

3)    That there has been a large rise in the number of teacher organised conferences and CPD events, such as Northern Rocks, that have sought to explore and celebrate the huge variety of pedagogies that are at teachers disposal. 


We believe that:

a)    the National Education Union needs to be firmly placed at the centre of the debate around pedagogy as the voice of teachers.

b)    teachers need to be highly skilled and trained professionals with a wealth of pedagogical approached at their disposal

c)    the promotion of one type of teaching and learning by the government and those associated with it, is potentially very damaging to teacher autonomy and professionalism and ultimately therefore, to the children that we teach.


We therefore agree to:

i)      support a pedagogy conference together with other associations and branches in our union.

ii)     recommend to  Islington committee that they donate £100 towards the cost of such a conference.