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Support from Barnsley NUT re Pensions Strike 28th March 2012

posted 25 Mar 2012, 10:39 by general office

Dear Islington NUT Member

Pensions  Campaign.

You will be aware by now that Barnsley NUT and Islington NUT have, in accordance with what is happening nationwide, been, as it were, 'twinned', to thereby form a loose association between our mutual associations as a form of support for the oncoming strike March 28th but hopefully for future disputes and other TU activities. This arrangement was initially set up between Barnsley representatives and your own. A financial donation has been agreed but crucially we wish to convey a, hopefully, moral boosting message to our colleagues in Islington and we wish you all the very best in solidarity for the strike next week. We will be sending a number of was passed unanimously by Barnsley NUT Committee on the pensions dispute.  We ask that you bring this to the urgent attention of members at your school.
The committee of Barnsley NUT sends our best wishes and support to our colleagues in London and especially Islington who are taking the next step in the Pensions Campaign on behalf of all of us. All the feedback from our members and reps indicates that they would much prefer to be taking part in national action on March 28th.
The committee is disappointed and dismayed at the decision of the Executive not to proceed with national action despite the support of 73.4% of members in the recent consultative representatives and hopefully the Barnsley NUT banner.

Therefore, would you please see below:-
 The following motion survey. We believe that this is the culmination of months of vacillation and delay which failed to ensure an appropriate and effective response to the government’s attempt to impose a final deal on trade unions on December 19th.
The Committee agrees to
·        Send a message of support to the London Association of Islington
·        Call on the Executive to reinstate national action as soon as possible
·        Offer, in consultation with other divisions, that Barnsley take part in future regional action on the basis that it is rolling action across all regions and supplemented by further national strikes.

With Greatest Regards, Barnsley NUT Management Committee and Local Membership

Roy Bowser
Barnsley NUT Division Secretary