Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition

posted 19 Dec 2019, 01:40 by NEU Secretary   [ updated 19 Dec 2019, 01:40 ]

Big thanks to your members for contributing £100 to Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition.  It is particularly welcome to receive support from the NEU as the NHS is suffering many similar issues as Education, particularly the privatisation of the running of bits of it, underfunding and very poor pay leading to shortages of staff.

Whittington Hospital is currently facing TWO court cases. One relating to a missed diagnosis of cervical cancer, an area of medicine in which they have been world leaders. So that is shocking. And the case in which we are involved, where Grenfell contractors are suing the Hospital for FOURTEEN MILLION pounds for deciding not to procure them to loan money and to plan for their Estate Strategy. This whole debacle relates to the refusal of the Government to finance much needed hospital development and of course the use of private and reckless private companies who put profits before safety.

Our fightback is costly. So your support is great. Of course, there will be more battles to fight under the new Government.

With thanks and in solidarity

Shirley Franklin

Phil Maxwell - Austerity Fights

posted 12 Sept 2017, 08:40 by general office

Hi Tony,

Please pass on our sincere thanks to your members for their generous contribution towards the making of 'Austerity Fight'. Islington NUT are on the opening credits to the film. We hope to have a screening in London soon. I will let you know when. 

I am copying this to Helen Watson who is the editor of the NUT magazine 'The Teacher'. I'm sure she will be interested in doing an article on the film and connecting it to your support when the film is next shown in London.

We want as many community groups and union branches to screen the film around the UK as possible. Once the film has gone to festivals it will be available on DVD. We would be happy to help you organise a special screening for Islington NUT.

Many thanks,

Phil Maxwell


posted 20 Oct 2015, 15:27 by general office

Hi Tony

Could I send my thanks to Islington NUT for it's continued support for IHOOPs. In particular can I thank you and acknowledge receipt of the cheque for £200 towards the cost of the coach to the TUC demonstration at the Tory Party conference on Saturday 3rd Oct. 2015.

It was an excellent day, and an important protest, made possible in part by your continued support.

We look forward to working together in the future.

Best wishes

Suzanne Jeffery

Secretary IHOOPS

Mary on the Green Campaign

posted 9 Jul 2015, 05:18 by general office

Dear Tony Buttifint
Many thanks for your donation of £100 to the Mary on the Green campaign to raise a sculptural memorial to Mary Wollstonecraft on Newington Green.
Your donation has taken us one step further towards our goal and is very much appreciated.
With best wishes
Alex Allardyce, Chair Newington Green Action Group

New ERA Residents

posted 8 Jan 2015, 03:49 by general office

Thanking you all for your kind donation and support, it's a great booster to us all to know how many kind and supportive people you all are.

Thanking you

A B Taylor
Treasurer - New ERA Residents

Woodcraft Folk

posted 8 Jan 2015, 03:47 by general office   [ updated 8 Jan 2015, 03:50 ]

Dear Tony,

We'd like to thank you for choosing to affiliate with the Woodcraft Folk and your fee of £25.00 received on the 15 December.

Your branch affiliation fee is greatly appreciated and will help us to continue our work with Children & Young people.

Once again thank you for your affiliation and we look forward to working with you in 2015.

Best wishes

Leanne Powell
Membership & Groups Officer

Still the Enemy Within

posted 16 Oct 2014, 04:30 by general office   [ updated 16 Oct 2014, 04:30 ]

Stop the War Coalition

posted 30 Jan 2014, 03:23 by general office   [ updated 16 Oct 2014, 04:28 ]

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

posted 30 Jan 2014, 03:21 by general office   [ updated 16 Oct 2014, 04:29 ]

Donation to the Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

posted 3 Mar 2013, 14:57 by general office

Dear Tony Buttifint

DWHC would like to express our thanks for your kind donation of £100. This is a valuable contribution to our campaign to stop the sell-off and cuts at the Whittington Hospital, and Demonstration on Saturday 16th March.

Many thanks

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Please sign the petition to stop the Whittington Hospital Sell-off!

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