Letter to the Press

The letter below  opposing the new policy, signed by Christine Blower General Secretary NUT, Mary Bousted General Secretary ATL, Chris Keates General Secretary NASUWT and Dave Prentis General Secretary Unison was published in The Times and The Independent on 27th May.

"By now, 23,000 head teachers will have received a letter from the new Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, inviting them to consider transferring their schools to  academy status.


What the Secretary of State ignores at his peril are the views about the merits of the academies policy of more than 800,000 teachers and support staff in schools.


In only its second week in power, the coalition Government’s ‘new politics’ is already showing its true colours - bypassing the views of Parliament, locally elected councillors, school governing bodies and parents.


The invitation for every school to become an academy flies in the face of public opinion.  An Ipsos-Mori poll found that 96 per cent of parents want a good local school run by local councils, and by a ratio of 9 to 1, the public is opposed to head teachers being given more freedom.


We believe that an essential principle for all education reform must be that it raises educational standards. All of the independent evidence confirms that academy schools do not deliver better educational outcomes for pupils, cost more money, and create widespread inequality and social segregation.


State education isn’t yet broken, but it will be if this policy goes ahead."