Letter to Members

Dear NUT Member*,


   I am writing to each of you to inform you of important information the Officers of Islington NUT learned of within the last week. We think it is urgent that every member, especially those working in schools, is aware of it, so that we can all begin to plan a response.


   CE@Islington has indicated that schools are likely to face 5% cuts in the next financial year.


   At least one school- Robert Blair- has taken this to mean a recommendation of 5% cuts which will mean redundancies- compulsory if necessary- of teaching and support staff. The NUT is opposed to all cuts and redundancies in schools.


   In particular, we are determined to resist compulsory redundancies.


   Although the exact implications for individual schools will not be known until around the middle of March, we think it essential we begin to organise our resistance now.


   Other NUT Associations in London (Camden and East London) are seeking agreements from their Local Authorities that there will be no compulsory redundancies, as a bottom line. This policy is being backed by organising borough-wide strike action ballots should such a guarantee be refused. Opposition to cuts is also being developed among their NUT members.


   We are resolved to do the same.


   In order to pursue this, we would like as many School and Services groups as possible to

  • Meet and discuss the ‘Model Resolution’ below (on reverse)
  • Invite local NUT Officers to address such meetings if possible
  • Pass the resolution and send a copy to us
  • Come to the Emergency NUT Members’ Meeting on Wednesday March 2nd (Laycock Street PDC, 5.00-6.30pm) to report back and feed in to the discussion

   It is also important to make sure your membership details, as held by the National Union head office, are correct and fully up to date (see box below, over).





“Cuts and Redundancies- Model Resolution


We, the .................(school name) NUT group,


·        Fully support Islington NUT’s policy of being willing to take borough-wide action in the event of any teacher in the borough being threatened with compulsory redundancy.

·        Call upon the National Union to ballot members in Islington for discontinuous strike action if the Council refuse to give a guarantee that no teacher will face compulsory redundancy.

We also agree to campaign against cuts and redundancies with support staff colleagues.”




Please also try to come along to the following events:


Thursday February 17th- ‘NUT Pensions Roadshow’,


6pm NUT Headquarters, Hamilton House, Mabeldon Place, near Euston Station. This is a chance to move forward our campaign against the government’s attack on our pension.


Saturday March 26th- ‘TUC National Anti-Cuts Demonstration’


- The big one: details and leaflets to be sent out soon.


Best wishes,

Tom Eastwood


Islington NUT