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Wednesday 2nd February 2022

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Members at City & Islington Sixth Form College Strike action 

I am pleased to report another fantastic victory for the NEU. After 6 days of strike action members at City and Islington college have achieved an agreement with the college which: removes the grading of lesson observations which took place during the pandemic, reduces the amount of time members will be required to carry out prospective student interviews from a proposed 30 hours to 6, and introduces a consultation protocol to cover any future changes to members working conditions.
Good progress has also been made on negotiations surrounding further potential action on the pay award for 2020/21, potential redundancies due to restructuring, summer 2021 enrolment and a new observation policy. We are optimistic that a successful resolution to these issues will be achieved soon. If not the college have been given a clear demonstration that members are prepared to act to achieve their demands.
Members have shown by their actions, and lively picket lines, how standing together can cause a positive change in their working lives. Special mention should go to our reps who have been a prime example for the unions organising strategy.

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Big thanks to your members for contributing £100 to Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition.  It is particularly welcome to receive support from the NEU as the NHS is suffering many similar issues as Education, particularly the privatisation of the running of bits of it, underfunding and very poor pay leading to shortages of staff.

Whittington Hospital is currently facing TWO court cases. One relating to a missed diagnosis of cervical cancer, an area of medicine in which they have been world leaders. So that is shocking. And the case in which we are involved, where Grenfell contractors are suing the Hospital for FOURTEEN MILLION pounds for deciding not to procure them to loan money and to plan for their Estate Strategy. This whole debacle relates to the refusal of the Government to finance much needed hospital development and of course the use of private and reckless private companies who put profits before safety.

Our fightback is costly. So your support is great. Of course, there will be more battles to fight under the new Government.

With thanks and in solidarity

 A qualified teacher for every child in every lesson  Allow councils to open new schools where they are needed Consult the profession properly on changes to the curriculum and to examinations  Don’t test the very youngest  Fund schools and colleges properly Remove excessive workload and pointless bureaucracy  End performance related pay for teachers  Reverse unfair pension changes  Ensure government/union talks are about policies rather than just their implementation  Make sure we have enough teachers