Autumn Mailing - Asbestos monitoring

November Site Inspections
As the school union safety rep (or the school rep acting in that capacity) you have the right to time in the school day to carry out safety duties. In local custom and practice that includes the right to termly safety inspections (half a day for a Primary school, a whole day if needed in a Secondary).
I'm setting November as the month that all of us try to carry out such an inspection to get this vital union function on the map, both for our members and our managements.
The focus for this term's inspection is asbestos management.
European Health and Safety week is held during half term.
To link in with it, the NUT, GMB, UNISON and Unite are surveying schools to see how well asbestos containing materials are being identified and managed.
Islington has a tighter system for this than many boroughs but it would be useful to check how well it is being applied in practice.
Each school should have in place
1) A named person responsible for managing ACMs
2) An asbestos register showing the sites of all the known ACMs in the building.( All schools had a type 2 survey a few years ago. This identifies any ACMs that are visible. Any work done that digs below the surface requires a type 3 survey to check out whats behind any surfaces that are going to be removed. Any work done should lead to the discovery and removal of ACMs and amendments to the register where these are already identified).
3) Regular inspections of the known ACMs to make sure that they are encapsulated (painted over and/or boarded off) and undamaged.
I am attaching a short questionaire which I'd appreciate if you could fill in and return to me by email by December 1st.
I am also attaching a letter to Head teachers to help set these up.
The inspection itself would require
1) A brief chat with the Head to find out who is responsible for ACM management in the school.
2) A discussion with that person to fill in the questionaire.
3) A walk round with the asbestos register to check out if all ACMs are claerly marked and what condition they are in.
general office,
22 Oct 2010, 09:51
general office,
22 Oct 2010, 09:51