General Meeting 4th March 2020

posted 6 Mar 2020, 05:39 by NEU Secretary   [ updated 3 Sept 2020, 04:25 ]

UCU Strike Action

Islington NEU congratulates our UCU university colleagues for taking hard-hitting national strike action in defence of their pensions and over pay, workload, contracts and inequality.

Their readiness to vote for action in sufficient numbers to overcome Tory anti-union strike ballot rules and to take effective nation action is an example to the rest of the trade union movement.

We recognise that strikers will need financial support from other workers to sustain their action and agree to make a donation of £500 to the UCU hardship fund.

We also agree to do whatever else we can to provide support and solidarity to our UCU sisters and brothers.

Amendments to Conference Motions

Motion 24 - Climate Emergency


Conference notes

1) Global carbon emissions must reduce sharply from this year to stop climate breakdown.

2) We need a global Green New Deal; with all countries contributing according to their resources.

3) The November Glasgow COP will show who is meeting this challenge.

4) We need to campaign strongly leading up to, at, and during it.

5) 91% of students surveyed said schools should teach more about the crisis, over half of teachers that they were ill equipped to do so, 40% that their SMT was disengaged.

6) The success of the climate themed learning week in February.

7) Unlike the UK, Finland and New Zealand are making the climate crisis the core of their curriculum - including recognising student activism as the way to process ‘eco anxiety’.

Conference instructs the Executive to work with other unions and environment campaigns to:

1) Press government to transform our curriculum to meet the climate emergency.

2) Publish a special edition of Educate dedicated to COP26, the transition that is needed, ‘teach the truth’ and eco-anxiety.

3) Sponsor transport to the COP; and support a week of action all over the country during it; including a climate themed learning week.

Motion 49 - Exclusions

Add point 5 in Conference notes:

5. the increased use of ‘zero-tolerance’ behaviour systems impose rigid and often discriminatory expectations on

students, which fail to make reasonable adjustments for students entitled to consideration under the Equality Act

and often focus on trivia such as supposedly inappropriate hairstyles


Add after iii


a. notes that an increase in AP provision and the development of Secure Schools whilst not restoring funding for

early intervention is an inefficient use of public money

b. believes that private providers shouldn’t be involved in management of AP/Secure Schools

c. celebrates the dedication of our members working hard in AP and calls for them to have the recognition,

remuneration and resources they deserve


Under Conference instructs the Executive:

Delete e and replace with:

Campaign against the expansion of privately run Alternative Provision and for better funding for inclusive

education within the education system.

Add h. Campaign for behaviour systems that support rather than penalise students, whatever their culture and

background, which are in accordance with the Equalities Act, and do not discriminate against students

Add i. Commission research into the extent of zero-tolerance behaviour policies in schools, and their effects

Add j. Affiliate to No More Exclusions