General Meeting 19th May 2022

posted 8 Jun 2022, 03:10 by NEU Secretary

1.      Minutes of Previous Meeting of 9th March 2022 – Agreed and there were no matters arising

2.      Nomination for vacant Inner London National Executive seat 

Meeting agreed to nominate Carly Slingsby 

    3.      Motions submitted by Members


A)     Motion on Care4Calais - Agreed with none against

 Islington NEU recognises the fantastic work done by NEU members visiting Calais to support Care4Calais with distributions and warehouse work.

We note the report from Human Rights Watch, “Enforced Misery:The Degrading Treatment of Migrant Children and Adults in Northern France” which documents repeated mass eviction operations, near-daily police harassment, and restrictions on provision of and access to humanitarian assistance.

The authorities carry out these abusive practices with the primary purposes of forcing people to move elsewhere, without resolving their migration status or lack of housing

Care4Calais are currently distributing 485 food parcels per week at a cost of £15 per parcel. This is a cost of £7275 per week or £378,300 per year.

Islington NEU agrees to:

i)        Donate £500 to Care4Calais

ii)      Encourage members to take part in /organise a delegation from the district to Calais

iii)    Continue to show solidarity with refugees wherever possible and commit to raising refugee issues in schools.

B)     We Demand Better - Agreed unanimously


Islington NEU welcomes our union’s recent national conference decision to prepare members for an indicative ballot on continuing and deepening real pay cuts as an ongoing result of austerity, inequitable tax increases and rocketing inflation.

We also welcome the WE DEMAND BETTER demonstration called by the TUC and supported by other unions, including the NEU on Saturday 18th June and endorse the TUC statement backing the demonstration that: “Working people have had enough. Everything’s going up but our wages. Join the trade union movement in London to tell this government: we DEMAND better!

We agree:

1.       That building for this march and the following pay ballot should be a key priority for Islington NEU, its officers and school reps.

2.       To encourage school NEU groups to hold meetings in the coming weeks to mobilise for the demonstration and start preparing for the pay ballot in the autumn term, and to send an officer or Committee member to attend the meeting, where possible, to outline the issues behind them. Decisions by school groups to attend the demonstration together, possibly with their own banner, marching behind the Islington one will be very welcome.

3.       To place a bulk order of flyers, posters and sticker for the demonstration and distribute them to schools as a matter of urgency.

4.       To organise a street stall on Sat 21st May at the Angel - as part of a London-wide initiative - to hand out leaflets and to petition in support of the march and the campaign. We welcome the decision at April’s Islington Trades Union Council meeting to encourage members of other trade unions in the borough to join the vent with their own publicity materials.

5.       To support and encourage members to attend an Islington or North London mobilising meeting for the 18 June demonstration should one be organised - as discussed by Islington Trades Union Council at its recent meeting.

6.       To organise, when appropriate, a borough rep meeting to promote the We Demand Better union campaign and the ensuing strike ballot.

7.       That building for the demonstration and next term’s pay ballot need cannot just be left to Islington NEU officers but that we should seek to involve as many reps and members as possible.





C)      No More Exclusions - practical action!

 Amendment Passed and then Amended Motion Agreed with none against

 Amended Motion

This union branch notes:

1. That we have previously passed a number of motions committing to working to end school exclusions in Islington Schools, and also to supporting the work of No More Exclusions (NME), a Black-led anti-racist organisation working to build an abolitionist grassroots movement in education.

2. NME has published a new guide to abolishing school exclusion in the education system: “‘What about the other 29?’ and other FAQs: demystifying abolition in the UK education system” (Jan 2022).

3. NME is also carrying out a programme of monthly community stalls in areas of high exclusions around London. The Islington stall took place in March.

4. Indications are that an unequal access to resources, and the impact of increased poverty and isolation  during the pandemic have put pressures on vulnerable children putting them at greater risk of exclusion.

5. Whilst we recognize the work carried out by NME in highlighting problems surrounding exclusions we do not fully endorse their manifesto that calls for the abolition of all PRU’s, Special Schools, Alternative Provisions and their further calls for the abolition of all managed moves.


This union branch resolves:

To continue to work with Islington Councillors and Council Officers with an aim to:

(i)                  Reduce and ultimately end exclusions in islington

(ii)                To ensure that managed moves only take place where properly resourced provision is in place

(iii)              To stop the use of privately run alternative provision

(iv)              For better funding for inclusive education within schools


We further call on the national union to publish guidelines on exclusions and off rolling which focus on the need to include students in the education system and to keep students and staff safe.

D) No school-based police officers

Due to time constraints this motion will be carried over to the next meeting