General Meeting - 4th February 2021

posted 5 Feb 2021, 07:06 by NEU Secretary   [ updated 5 Feb 2021, 07:06 ]

Local Officer Elections

Terry Sullivan was elected as a member of the Islington committee

Nominations for National Executive 2021-2023

The following candidates were nominated

Inner London Executive Seat

·         Jess Edwards  

·         Abdul Choudhury 

·         Alex Kenny 

·         Ruth Gibson

    Equality and Sector Seats  

·         Black Members - Vic Chechi Ribeiro

·         LGBT+ - Kacey de Groot

·         Disabled - Colleen Johnson

·         Post 16 - Duncan Blackie

·         Support Staff - Trish Fay

4.    Prioritisation of Motions for National Conference 2021

the following motions were prioritised

  • 31 - Black Lives Matter  
  • 16- Covid- 19 and Workload 
  • 39 - Combating Climate Breakdown 
  • 9 - Pay Freeze  
  • 3 - GCSE and A levels  
  • 40 – Exclusions 

Motions submitted by Members

A)     United Nations – Anti-Racism Day (March 20th) and Stand Up to Racism – Trade Union Conference (February 27th)

NEU Islington notes:

(1) The Covid-19 pandemic has led to starkly disproportionate BAME deaths.

(2) This, and the inspiring #BlacklivesMatter movement in the wake of the racist murder of George Floyd by police, has exposed on a mass scale the deeply institutionalised racism in society.

(3) Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s government have turned in moments of crisis to an intensification of the racist scapegoating of refugees and migrants

NEU Islington believes:

(1) Our trade unions are critical in organising the mass anti-racist movement we need to challenge every instance of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism, and opposing the threat posed by divisive racist in our communities and workplaces, the far right, and fascism.

NEU Islington resolves:

(1) To support the Stand Up To Racism–TUC backed national day of action for United Nations Anti-Racism Day on Saturday 20th March.

(2) To co-host our local events with SUTR, add our logo to promotional materials and make a donation of £200 to help fund the day.

(3) To support the Stand Up To Racism TUC backed Trade Union Conference (on-line) ‘Fighting for antiracists workplaces’ – on Saturday 27th February and to send at least 2 delegates