Annual General Meeting 24th March 2021

posted 25 Mar 2021, 03:01 by NEU Secretary   [ updated 25 Mar 2021, 03:01 ]

1.     Installation of New President -Krystell Lopez 

2.    Islington Officer Elections

The following nominations have been received and these were agreed by the meeting  

·         Secretary (District and State Branch) – Tony Buttifint

·         Vice President (District and State Branch) – Terry Sullivan

·         Equalities – Krystell Lopez

·         Young Teacher – Sarah Asamoah

·         International Solidarity – Dave Rosenberg

·         Post 16 Section – Pippa Dowswell

·         Press and Publicity – Ken Muller

·         Committee Member – Sean Doherty

3.     2021/22 Local Subscription Fee

    Due to savings made during the pandemic it is proposed that this is reduced from 11% to 5% of the National Fee

4.     Motions submitted by Members

A)   Golders Green Sage Care Home Workers

Islington NEU congratulates the Golders Green Sage care home workers on their campaign of strike action to win recognition for their union, UVW, and an increase in their current hourly rate of pay of just over £8 to £12.

Their courage and determination to win respect from their bosses and a real living wage is an inspiration to all of us fighting to put people before profits.

We agree to donate £100 to the Sage care home workers strike hardship fund.

B)   National Education Museum

Islington District agrees to become a Founder Patron of the National Education Museum with a donation of £2500.

Details of the proposed Museum can be found at

C) Police and Crimes Bill 

Islington NEU notes the attack by the Metropolitan police on March13th on the vigil mourning the murder of Sarah Everard at Clapham Common. We further note that the man charged with Sarah’s murder is a serving member of the Metropolitan Police.

We welcome both the statements from our joint General Secretaries and members of the NEU executive condemning the attack and re-affirming the rights of women to be able to live their lives safely and free from any form of abuse and attack.

We further note the draconian provisions in the Police and Crimes Bill and its blatant attempt to curtail the right to protest.

We agree to work with other local organisations including the Trades Council, Islington Stand Up To Racism, CLPs and local community and environmental organisations to build maximum opposition to this dangerous piece of legislation. To this end we support the calling of the broadest-based representative meeting to galvanise local support and engage with national campaigns pursuing the same objectives.