About Us

On 1st September 2017 the National Education Union came into existence, bringing together the skills, history and strength of both the NUT and the ATL. The new union is the largest education union in Europe with over 450,000 teachers,lecturers and support staff united under one democratic organisation. The National Education Union will represent the vast majority of teachers working in England and Wales and will be a powerful voice for all education professional.
The National Education in Islington will have over 1500 members in workplaces ranging fro
m Nurseries to the Sixth Form College.

Until January 2019, local branches of the NUT and ATL will operate as before so existing NUT members will continue to be supported by local NUT Section officers. New members will join the NEU and be allocated to the appropriate section.

The aim of this web
site is to provide Islington NEU (NUT section) members with quick and easy access to information on the issues facing them. However the officers of  the Islington branch recognise that this may not always be an adequate forum and should not be viewed as a substitute for direct representation by school reps, local officers or regional officials. Therefore if you have any queries or problems please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Technology may help us to organise more effectively, but the success of any union depends on the active involvement of its members. To be a strong and healthy union we rely on members volunteering to get
 involved, in whatever way they can, and by so doing build the visibility and presence of the union in every school or workplace.
From simply putting up posters and distributing notices, to becoming an elected school representative, attending general meetings or becoming an officer or member of the Action and Campaigning Group, there are a number of roles you can play in building the NEU. The more active members we have the more effective we will be in making a positive contribution to working life in schools. We are aware of the diversity of our members and our keen to develop a union branch that reflects this. We are particularly keen to increase the involvement of Women, those from Black and Ethnic Minorities, LGBT and Young Teachers.

  General member
s meetings are held half termly and are open to all Islington NEU (NUT section) members. These meetings often have guest speakers and are a forum for discussing those issues which are concerning members. It is at these meetings that union policy is formulated. Your school representative should be receiving details of these meetings. Agenda's are also emailed to members.

Islington NEU (NUT Section) is organised by local 'lay' officers who are elected annually and who are supported by an Action and Campaigning Group of up to 15 members which meets approximately twice a term to which new members are very welcome.

 Islington NUT has a long and proud record of involvement in local and national campaigns. Help us to continue this as we move forward with the National Education Union.