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Comment on the Finsbury Park terrorist attack.

Islington NUT sends its support and condolences to our Muslim brothers and sisters attacked in Finsbury Park last night. 

This was an Islamophobic terrorist attack, designed to inflict maximum harm and fear among Muslims not just in Islington but throughout the UK.

It was aimed at dividing our community at a time when we need to be united against racism, war and austerity.

Islington NUT stands in solidarity with those killed or injured in last night's attack and with all their friends and relatives.

We treasure our Muslim pupils,parents and teachers in Islington and will do everything in our power to support and defend them.

The effect on Islington schools of the manifesto commitments of the three main parties in the election.

Islington North

Conservatives   £276 000 cut per school    (£675 cut per pupil)
Labour  £25 000  rise in spending per school   (£60 additional per pupil)
Lib Dem  £187 000 cut per school  (£450 cut per pupil)

Islington South

Conservatives   £266 000 cut per school    (£725 cut per pupil)
Labour  £17 000  rise in spending per school    (£47 additional per pupil)
Lib Dem  £188 000 cut per school  (£500 cut per pupil)

Further details on the calculations and the results for other constituencies can be found at


The DfE has published a poster with key recommendations for change in workload which should be followed in all schools. This is a really useful document for you and your colleagues to be using in your school to challenge some of the current practice. Full size copies and a leaflet can be downloaded from

and you can watch a video where Kevin Courtney (NUT General Secretary) outlines how this document can be used.

Islington members join sixth form college reps and activists outside NUT HQ

    What do we want.....
 A qualified teacher for every child in every lesson  Allow councils to open new schools where they are needed Consult the profession properly on changes to the curriculum and to examinations  Don’t test the very youngest  Fund schools and colleges properly Remove excessive workload and pointless bureaucracy  End performance related pay for teachers  Reverse unfair pension changes  Ensure government/union talks are about policies rather than just their implementation  Make sure we have enough teachers


Read NUT EduFacts

As never before, education policy is being driven by ideology not evidence. Every government announcement is laden with myths about schools, teachers and our education system.

EduFacts - - aims to challenge government and media rhetoric by presenting the facts about what's going on in our schools, our education system and in the teaching profession.